How To Use RespoImmune Liquid?

You can use it in an electric steamer by adding 3 drops or 5 to 6 sprays inside 100 ml of water and inhale deeply.

Can I Use It On The Mask?

No, it is a very potent and active liquid you cannot use it on the mask. You can use it on a piece of cloth and inhale 20 times but cannot be constantly used in the mask, It may cause mild side effects like drying of the throat, etc

Can I Use Respoimmune With Other Essential Oils Or Vaporubs?

No, you cannot use anything else along with Respoimmune in the steamer, it is a very balanced energy product and it may not work with other oils or vaporubs . It may cause severe side effects.

Can Pregnant Women Use It?

Yes , It is a very safe herbal product and can be used by anyone without side effects.

Can It Be Given To Children?

yes any child above 5 years can use it.

Can I Spray Directly Into Nostril ?

No, it is a concentrated liquid and cannot be used directly by spraying inside nostrils.

Can I Use It Daily?

Yes it can be used daily, use only once during night . It will help increase vitality to the respiratory system and makes it stronger to fight against any infection.

Can I Use It Two To Three Times A Day?

It can be used if the condition is quiet severe for a short duration and then reduce the frequency to two times or once a day as soon as symptoms become normal.

Can It Cause Reaction If I Take Regularly?

No such happenings have been reported and usually these researched herbal products have no known side effects.

My Eyes Have Burning Sensation?

Please close your eyes while inhalation as the active ingredients may water your eyes and make them dry so you may feel the burning sensation . splash some cold water if you feel so.

My Throat Is Becoming Dry ?

The basic purpose of this liquid is to clear out the excess fluids and dry out the secretions from the entire respiratory system, nothing to worry , keep your selves hydrated well and your body will get adjusted to it.

Can My Asthma Be Treated With This?

Yes, there are a lot of positive results in people who are using it on regular basis and their attack severity has come down drastically or has become negligible. It has been found to be a definite helper for Asthma.

I Am Unable To Breathe Normally So How Can I Take Steam?

Please consult your doctor he will guide you to take it through a nebulizer. It will be more effective and works faster.